Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size wall beds do you offer?
A: Twin- 45x84x16
Full- 59 3/8x84x16
Queen- 65 5/8x89x16
Q: Is a wallbed, sleep and store bed or hideaway bed the same as a Murphy Bed?
A: Although different companies make different styles of Murphy beds, the general concept is the same but the actual mechanisms might differ in appearance and quality. The term "Murphy Bed" is not a direct brand name like Coca-Cola; it's just the style of bed that was invented by a person named Murphy many years ago.
Q: Are Murphy Beds comfortable?
A: Absolutely! Unlike sofa beds and futons, you supply your own mattress. Murphy Beds do not require a folding mattresses, so you are sleeping on a quality mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons.
Q: Are Murphy Beds easy to raise and lower?
A: Yes they are! Our spring loaded mechanisms ensure effortless opening and closing. Our mechanisms are counter balanced to prevent your bed from unexpectedly failing, You can raise or lower your Murphy Bed with just one finger.
Q: Can i use my own mattress?
A: Yes, you can use any coil spring mattress up to 10 1/2" thick. To ensure you properly balance the operation of your Murphy Bed, we recommend having the mattress on site when you install your Murphy Bed.
Q: Do i need a box spring?
A: Definitely not! For years doctors have recommended a flat platform for sleeping support. Many manufacturers have discontinued box spring products as they are redundant.
Q: Can I close a Murphy Bed with all the bedding and pillows in place?
A: No problem! We provide a Velcro strap system to hold you bedding and mattress in place when your Murphy Bed is in the vertical position. You can open your Murphy Bed and use it immediately.
Q: Can I take my Murphy Bed with me when I move?
A: Yes, your Murphy Bed attaches to any wall studs with three brackets. Our system does not require floor mounting, which can cause serious damage to the floor. Our Murphy Beds present no problem for rental accommodations either.
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